How to Prevent Static Electricity in Japan

Static electricity… one of the things I used to fear every Winter. At the building I work, there is carpet everywhere and knobs are all metallic which means there is no way for me to get into my office and work without worrying about getting static shocks at least 5-6 times a day.

But! Here is THE solution for completely removing static electricity from your body without pain:

Static Electricity Remover

Since I got it, no more problem. You just need to hold it and press the rubber part on anything metallic to get the static electricity off. I have two of these with one always in my bag just in case I forget to bring the other one with me.
It just costs around 600 yens and saves me a lot of unneeded stress every single day.

You can get it at Amazon Japan by searching for 静電気除去. If you have problem ordering, let me know. I will help you.

  • Y@nn

    ça pourrait resoudre pas mal de probleme dans ma vie ce truc… notamment avec les caddies de supermarché.

    • ctk974

      Franchement, ça marche tellement bien que ça m’a impressionné !