Japanese New Year’s Fortune Slips

Japanese New Year's Fortune Slip

For the New Year, Japanese people draw those fortune slips to predict what they should expect for the year to come. Then they can attach them at a shrine like on this picture.
This year, I got a “so-so fortune” at first and a “good fortune” a few days later from another shrine. Attached the “so-so” one at that shrine and kept the “good” one in my wallet. Not sure if this cheating ^^
I was told that I had to work hard this year and indeed 2014 is already a tough start!

How to Prevent Static Electricity in Japan

Static electricity… one of those things I used to fear every Winter. Inside the building where I work at, there is carpet everywhere and knobs are all metallic. There is no way for me to get in and out of the office, and work without worrying about getting static shocks at least 5-6 times a day.

But! Here is THE solution for completely removing static electricity from your body without any pain:

Static Electricity Remover